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Code de produit : HGGDOM02EN

At the head of each great Nation, there have always been leaders - people of unrivaled skill, intelligence, charisma and drive to guide their people through the ages. Now, with the Dynasties expansion for Dominations, you can call upon these paragons to help lead your Nation to greatness!

In Dynasties you’ll be allying yourself with your Nation's most prominent families, using their skills to make your Civilization even more powerful. There are 6 Dynasties, with each great family being associated with a Knowledge Domain. 
Each Age, you will be playing Dynasty cards. Each one of these cards represents a family member of a particular Dynasty who will lend you their aid. These cards set off powerful effects that can generate resources, victory points, (sometimes both!) as well as other boons that give you an advantage during your turns.

Additionally, the order in which you play these cards over the course of the game is important, as it represents the Dynasty that will be leading your people through the Ages and you’ll gain extra points by collecting sets! 

The expansion also includes 6 new sets of Mastery cards, one for each domain. These work off your choice of leaders, allowing you to capitalize further on the power of your growing dynasty! Additionally, two new objective cards with requirements based on your Dynasty cards will be included, for even more replayablilty!

   13+              2-4                 60-120 min
19,99$ CAD
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  • Age : À partir de 13 ans
  • Langue : En Anglais seulement