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Code de produit : CAT6518

Code UPC :9781936876518

Shadowrun 5th Edition is the Core Rulebook for the most recent revision of the popular and long-running scifi/fantasy role-playing game series. The new release comes complete with all rules and resources needed for players and game masters to play the game. This includes character generation rules, skill resolution, and combat rules for mundane, magical, and matrix battles. Shadowrun 5th Edition also includes guns and gear, spells and cyberware, as well as a variety of vehicles, all to outfit a ‘runner for action. For game masters, there is extensive information on building a Shadowrun from the inside-out, on managing a game and a campaign, as well as threats from mundane and magical enemies. The hardbound edition also includes codes to get special online gear in the upcoming Shadowrun Online game, coming out later this year!
81,99$ CAD
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  • Age : À partir de 12 ans
  • Langue : En Anglais seulement